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Lower your shields (a dose of spiritual feng shui)

June 23, 2013

It seems that I talk about change quite a bit, doesn’t it?

Considering each and every day we experience change in drops (if not a waterfall) it seems almost unimaginable that I would spend so many waking moments wondering when I will experience more.  I write about it.  I think about it.  I fantasize, plot and scheme about it.  Things will be better when I get to whatever it is I am looking for.  He, she or it will solve all that doesn’t seem to be working the way I would like it to in the present time.

Do I really believe that?  No.  I may have believed that for a large chunk of my life, but it isn’t the place I tend to go to any longer.  I now find it obvious that the things I tend to moon over (more than often) become some form of reality only to fall victim to the vicious cycle of wanting more and different all over again.  The moral of this story is in finding that there really is no change that is going to resolve anything within me if I am always going to be looking for it no matter where I am.

Then there are the control issues.  What if I am looking for change but I am only interested in my version of what they can or should be?  Well, aside from the fact that I am an utter fool for believing that this can or will ever happen, I am also denying myself some of the most revealing, exciting, or challenging forks on the path.

In program we read that acceptance is the answer to all of our problems today.  That can sound as though we are letting whatever may be in our path be without having any say at all.  Quite the contrary.  When I accept I am providing myself the means to enjoy or learn.  I am giving myself more opportunity to grow and change along with the shifts that are surrounding me.  There are those who define surrender as joining the winning side.  A negative person would see this as losing, a positive one would interpret surrender as a win.  Letting go IS winning.  It is an opportunity to live without holding on to obsession or ego.  It is a clear path to the deepest and most rewarding change that can be had: the internal kind.

What is ironic is that change and surrender do not have to be such a scary prospect.  The key, as stated earlier, is in letting go of the control.  If I open my mind and allow myself the options of letting the path present itself before the pre-judgments that are so easy to form, more than often I am going to find options and opportunities that I never would have devised in the best of my own personal plots.

In other words, if I let down the guard and let go of my preconceived notions, I am opening up space for something new to enter.  It’s sort of like doing an inventory or cleaning out your home of the clutter that is really no longer necessary.  Granted, this is not to say that the ideas I have for what is good for me in change are all wrong… just not necessarily the whole story.

In my life I would prefer to be aware of all the options.

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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