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The power of intention

July 20, 2013

Examining one’s true motive when thinking about or acting upon anything we do or say is a colossal task to ask of a human being. This is a concept that falls in line with breathing before one reacts and restraint of pen and tongue.  It is best done with a lot of practice and can be very, very difficult to discern when the spirit is in any form of fear (justifying motive is normal form in human nature and manipulation is an art form for some.)

As I continue to learn the best methods resulting in optimal enjoyment of my life experience I understand fully that a great many of the situations occurring as potential roadblocks to a complete positive engagement in each and every moment… are created by me.

Actually, it’s probably all of them.

Now…that would tend to come off as an explanation providing me with either an ultimate authority or a great deal of power, but the experience I can offer is not one of a desired need to have control over people, places, or situations.  Like most anything or everything else that I live through on a day-to-day basis the things created are set consciously or unconsciously as a result of fear.  Fear has the potential to run everything in my thinking process whether I am aware of it or not.  It is particularly dangerous if I am not aware, but just as lethal if my motivations are premeditated plot points I am putting together with any semblance of negative or defensive self will.  The practice of good intentions is a result of faith, which can only become available to me when I arrest the fear and replace it.

There is a point here.  It’s about learning to replace fear in the world around me by creating the honest habits for making sure I am aware of things I do as well as the reasons I am doing them.  Intention.  The end result of this habit is the realization  I am responsible for myself and my actions.  My actions are inclusive of behaviors, stress, moods, and responses to the daily deluge of events, stimuli and conversation that surround me.  It is impossible to control the world I inhabit, but it is possible to have a solid say in my reactions to it.  And if the things I do, in response to the world (or whatever I am up against) are done with an honest intention I am more than likely going to have the better all around experience in my environment.  If my intentions are honorable I am not necessarily always going to be right (or happy), but it will allow me to create a world that I can be proud of and flourish within.

It is important for me to remember that good intentions do not always provide me with good dividends.  I am often in the cross-fire of others motives and actions.  They may come from good intentions as well, it is not easy nor worth my judgement to discern.  What is important is I continue the habit of making sure my reaction or response is paved with the same thought process as the original.  Create the habit and continue the practice.

As I complete this week I am in a good space because I have been honorable in all my intentions.  Armed with this knowledge I know that any perceived obstacle (obstacles are also what we make them) can be overcome with peace and the same honorable motive I am looking to put forth elsewhere.

I feel good about what I have learned and hope only that I grow and improve with this practice moving forward, one day at a time.

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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