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My heroes are human beings

September 2, 2013

The most important thing about coming to believe in a power greater than myself is removing the human aspect of imperfection.

it has been proven throughout my life that using myself as an ultimate power and trying to control everything in my life and surroundings has been a mistake more than it has not.  It is within the control that I lose touch with any form of spirituality and, thus, any semblance of real happiness or peace.

When I learned that it was best to look towards a power greater than myself I wondered how that would work.  Many have a problem with the word “God” and may find themselves looking to argue the merits of this philosophy.  Early on I realized (for myself) that I was over-thinking.  This is a trait that I may take with me to the grave, but my awareness of it has helped me to seize the power it can take from me and stop it dead in its tracks.

God is a word.  A word can only have as much power as you assign it.  I knew that the idea of coming to believe in a power greater than myself was merely a reminder to not assign that power to myself.  Left to my own devices I am back to square one and more than often, back in the many forms of dis-ease that this can produce.

Since I have been able to let go of any definition of what God (or a higher power) may need to be for me I can often take myself down from time to time to a human level.  I am taught and reminded that there are people directly associated to me and in my span of awareness that are fine, laudable and talented examples of how life is better lived, program better worked, and relationships better served.

People can be wonderful examples of the best in human traits.  But, people can also be very human.

It is important, for me to remove the standards I have seen and experienced from the pedestals they could potentially be placed upon.  As I have grown in my own program I have done this less and less, knowing from experience that good people have bad days and many (if not most) people can often react and be very different in life, around you or in front of you if they are faced with fear, grief, or aspects they may not be used to.

Does this strip them of the things you have enjoyed and admired?  No.  No more than the person I have become being forgotten because I change my own behavior out of fear.  It is important for me to not judge those around me if, in fact, that is how I would want others to behave towards me.

Recently in my life I have seen some people change.  I have asked myself what was wrong with them and wondered why they were doing the things they were doing.  When this happens, and I am not used to it, I find myself wanting to judge and villainize (this is where we find the human opportunity to build ourselves up by taking someone else down).  But I must stop and remember that I have been these people.  I have been placed into corners and confronted with my own forms of fear.  When this happens, and we don’t handle it, we can react and portray ourselves in a way that is not as forthcoming as what our true intentions would desire to be.

If I know that I am capable of reacting to the world around me…. by being human, why would I not understand this to be what is happening to others?  I have often learned that people around me who I perceive to be one way can very easily be another with a little examination and a lighter touch.  If I am able, when applicable, to “put on their shoes” it may open a completely different perspective on a situation and offer a chance for growth rather than judgment.  Possibly even service in some cases.

So today I have remembered that some of the best people I could possibly know or admire are mere humans.  Life is filled with good days and bad.  My heroes are my heroes for a reason, not with strings attached.  So even if I am disappointed in a moment or moments, I know that what I experience is not necessarily a permanent situation unless I make it so.  It’s probably better if I just…

Stop.  Smile.  Breathe.

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  1. Kevin permalink

    Love it cuz! Thanks for hanging today.

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