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You are an angel.

September 8, 2013

There is an old saying that prescribes that we must give to the world what we would want the world to give to us.  This is possibly most important with the people we encounter.  From the most fleeting of crossed paths to the life-long friendships and loves, I am convinced that each and every soul placed in my path is put there for a reason.  Often, if not always, I will not know what that reason is, but if I cultivate this awareness it may help me to understand that the way I present myself in the smallest or largest of all interactions could possibly build my most rewarding life.

It’s possible, but not always probable as a mere human being.

Although I can’t really prove that putting my best foot forward in my different human situations would provide a better percentage of happy moments I can certainly point to the fact that my negative reactions in any place they’ve ever occurred have not done so.  In fact, when I am in reaction and resentment (read: fear of not getting something I want or losing something I have) I can pretty much guarantee that happiness is most definitely not the end result.

So what, you may ask, does this have to do with an angel?  Pretty much everything.

As the aforementioned mere human attempting to provide my positive spin in the world around me, I have realized that although I may not always know why a person I encounter is placed on my path… I have decided that if each is an angel with a message or lesson for me to learn it could be in my best interest to pay heed.  That isn’t to say that I am always going to receive a tangible result for a positive demeanor, but it certainly will create a healthy habit and allow me to feel that much better far more often.

Obviously it is not always necessary to be on my best behavior to believe the lesson is available.  Let’s face it… there have been plenty of situations in my life (and well into my sobriety) where my reaction and amendable conduct have brought me to my knees, shown me much needed remorse and humility and set me in new directions whether permanently or temporarily.  A lesson can be learned in any circumstance, and it is not always going to be up to me what that lesson is, where it is to be learned or how (or through whom) it is going to be delivered.

Most important to this idea of angels is to examine the people that touch your life at any level.  Although I describe them as messengers, they are, like yourself, mere humans.  Each of these people holds a position and a point in your existence.  For whatever purpose this might be it could be important not only to recognize that worth and keep an open mind… but also to honor their value, however large or small, as a conduit to happiness and a better and more productive existence.

This being said I marvel at the angels I have in my life.  Needless to say the people I touch and those who touch me are more amazing than I had already believed them to be simply by knowing they are here in my world with an added significance.  It has become helpful for me to humanize people on my path when I may not necessarily want to assign them any importance at all.  It’s as if I have been provided a mystery puzzle game to help me enjoy my life a little bit more.  On most days there will be no grand prize, but let’s face it… it is healthy to add the benefit of the doubt wherever there could possibly be potential for judgement, resentment or anger.

Most important in my theory is to remember that although those who cross my path are MY angels, I am theirs as well.  I love the concept of angels but I must remember that being one comes with a responsibility.  It seems obvious that my message for those who cross my path, although not always concrete or specific, may be as simple as to present a smile, offer a kind word, lend a helping hand, provide a bit of service or a be a shoulder to cry on.  I am here to be a friend, a confidant, a lover and a guide.  I believe these are the basic responsibilities for all angels…. outside of always remembering to:

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

One Comment
  1. Kevin permalink

    You truly are an angel in my life, cuz!!!

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