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It’s all about the intention

October 27, 2013

I see your true colors shining through…

There are times when I question my world.  Who wouldn’t?  If the spirit is not properly tuned there can be mysteries, mis-communications, roadblocks and frustrations.  Even when I am clear I can be conflicted and must be reminded I cannot control how others behave and what my path places in front of me in the form of challenge and puzzle.

What I can control is my reactions.

The truth is I find change somewhat exhilarating.  I dream about it.  I crave it.  This coming from a man who loves a good routine and can be thrown when said routine is interrupted or ceased for one reason or another.  Over time it has become clear that every routine evolves from a change into something unfamiliar,  and like a habit it can be uncreated (or stopped) just as easily as it was created.

My world is filled with changes amidst the routines.  Some of these changes are welcomed with open arms.  Some are seen as opportunity and introduce a clean slate which could potentially provide things I might find healthy, possibly lucrative and, in some cases, have been long awaited.  Not all of what is going to change is known and it is important that I do not try to manipulate them without clear and honest intentions.

I also don’t want to internally control the outcome by creating expectations of what others think or believe based on what I might see as the reasons the changes should happen in the first place.  Once I start to control an outcome whether internally or externally, unconsciously or physically I am starting a cycle that can only end up with a disappointment of one degree or another.  My expectations are almost always a direct nose in the air to the trust and faith I have placed in the direction of my path.  My expectations are akin to control and when I run the show the end result is simply not the same.

And what of my motivations?  Am I approaching an opportunity with the right attitude?  Am I looking at it honestly or am I convincing myself of something I feel I want or need at the expense of someone or something else?  I have asked myself this question whenever I am looking at opportunity or change.  The answer always comes back to intention.  There is no guarantee that I will be perceived by everyone the way I would prefer, but how I feel about myself and handle my intentions towards every situation is paramount to how I will feel in the end.

I don’t usually get what I want, but it seems that I will always get what I need… even if it doesn’t feel like I need it when it arrives.

So it seems, in a time where I have wondered if my intentions are honorable, I am moving forward with integrity and honesty.  There are pieces that will not always be comfortable, but I can be honorable and stick up for what I believe without sliding into selfish motivations.  Some days will be easier than others, but I will close my eyes at night knowing my intentions are something I can be proud about.

Knowing that I am always able to:

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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