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Here’s Hoping!

November 3, 2013

There is always power in positive thinking.

The challenge will be in how we grasp it’s potential against the powerhouse force fear and future tripping can introduce.  Fear is like a dark cloud on a beautifully sunny day.  For an active, over-thinking mind like the one I possess it is inevitable that one moment I can be in a place of joy and the next can be consumed with thoughts of doubt and anxiety about things I have merely perceived (and yes, my fears are predominantly perceived.)

It’s not easy living in this head sometimes.

So my mantras are filled with HOPE and faith about the world around me, the path in front of me and the moments I am living.  It’s easy to say that the hope provides a better percentage of success in my willing battle to curtail fear.  I am able to summon solutions and answers easier and quicker with the awareness that the power of positive has resulted in a huge difference in how I see myself and what I can accomplish.

Unfortunately I am an empath.  I have learned over and over that I am going to eventually feel and respond to the moods that I surround myself with.  It could be stated that this would be an advantage in the right places, but in many cases the world around me is either angry, tired, or dissatisfied with their lot in life.  There are people who are looking for what is wrong and someone to blame for it.  If they are unhappy it is completely possible that I will end up unhappy as well.

The trick to hope is to surround yourself with possibility.  If there is spirituality in the room move in that direction.  If the spirituality is you, keep your distance from those who would disagree, whether to spite or simply because they are not capable.

Hope is possible so I can arrest the behavior and thought processes that end up creating confusion, prejudices and judgment.  Hope will help to uncomplicate the thinking, create enthusiasm, clear the emotional baggage, eliminate the resentments, create trust and communication, and open the mind to opportunity and growth.

Why would anyone not like those odds?

As I move into a new week of questions and changes I will keep the soap operas on the television and point my thought process towards passion, resolution and as much hope as humanly possible.  When I see it might be slipping all I need to is…

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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