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Cleansing the mind, the body and the spirit

November 17, 2013

This week I am doing a cleanse.

A couple of times a year it feels necessary to make sure that I am cleaning out the digestive system and ridding myself of some bad habits and evil toxins that can very easily invade and take up residence in my body.  Each cleanse requires a commitment and, especially in the first couple of days, a great deal of focus towards the purpose and end result.  With each cleanse I set myself a healthy goal and change the way I am thinking in order to best alleviate the cravings and built up stumble-blocks that tend to create the disorders and dysfunctions in the first place.  I don’t eat horribly, but I do sometimes use food for comfort.  As an alcoholic I can still find myself gorging in loads of sugar, a friend I deem as legal, but never a friend without a couple of remorseful side effects.

Sound familiar?

While cleansing I find myself with a different mindset and a shuffled routine in my day.  I am currently not eating the standard breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I am not having morning coffee and I am not reaching for snacks or grabbing cookies or other tidbits in meetings.  I am free of the everyday litter in the inner shell… so why not speak to the toxins and routines that can sometimes invade the outer and spiritual worlds as well?

What to do with extra time:  I have always found time for meditation and prayer in the busy world I have created for myself, but if I am suddenly free a little extra time I can build out different and possibly unique ways to listen to God, sit still and simply relax.  Part of the reason I find the need to rid myself of the toxins in this cleanse is because of  the stresses my work world can put me under.  I tend to go on a sprint between Monday morning at 5:30 am and Friday night around 11:30.  There is rarely enough time in there to fully stop and remember the true purposes my life needs to hold.  I get so much accomplished but I don’t spend enough time able to relax and enjoy the FULL benefits of a successful and happy life.

Granted a cleanse will not change everything I am doing, nor do I honestly want to make this much of a change.  What it does do is allow for me to refresh my thinking and reboot some of the systems and workflows that help me to be as awake, astute, responsive and responsible in the day-to-day activities that make up the full picture.  A cleaner body and mind help me to think healthily and take the appropriate actions and service that keep me motivated and complete as I have so fortunately been taught within the last 22+ years.

A cleanse is a clean slate.  It is an internal body inventory.  It is wiping off the blackboard and beginning again with opportunity, hope and intention.  Sure, I will miss some of the pleasures of food that I have no intention of giving up as I have other parts of my life.  But I sure can start to retrain myself about how to eat certain things AND, even more importantly, how not to.

As I write this entry today I am completing the second day of a planned 10 to 12.  Within the cleanse I will learn and enjoy more about myself and interact with the world around me with heightened senses.  It is a project for betterment and thus another reminder to:

Stop.  Smile.  Breathe.

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  1. Kevin permalink

    Sweet cleansing!!! Rock on soul cousin!!!

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