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Being patient with patience

December 8, 2013

Do you have faith?

This is a question I must ask myself at times when I feel that things are not necessarily going the way I feel they should or could be going.  In other words… the times when I am playing God and of the mind that my way is the only way to go.  There is a saying in the program that reminds me that my best thinking brought me to a program that continually teaches me a better way to live and think (or in some cases NOT think.)  Where that may sound like a good choice, it wasn’t necessarily a choice I made for myself.  My best thinking had other results in mind.  My plans were not designed to end me up in any type of program.  I just got lucky that where this thinking took me is actually the better bet.  I am grateful that I became willing to listen and learn, and was able to change (pretty much) everything as a result.

Patience is not my strong suit.  But as I am attempting to point out in the paragraph above, it is usually through impatience that I will find myself creating any issue rather than opening my mind to a solution which would undoubtedly be the better fit (even if I don’t necessarily see this reality from the onset.)  When I am not in patience of a process it is an illustration of not living in the moment.  It is a solid example of future tripping, where I am not able to see what may be right for me through my ego’s attempt to control all outcomes and direct the show and all its players.

After all, what is impatience if not simply the fear of not getting what you want or possibly losing what you have?

The logical answer for believing change is necessary (and needed) is in remembering the FAITH that my God has a plan in store for me.   I would likely not see this result in my time simply because it’s unveiling has not yet happened.  I am not to that point in the path.  But how does one understand faith while being impatient?  The two concepts seem unable to make an appearance in my spiritual program at the same time.  In fact, one could say, the impatience is a mask that blocks me from the sunlight of the spirit and places my head back in charge.

That’s never good.

While in impatience I find myself agitated and frustrated that the outcome is not happening the way it should.  It’s easy to justify why my ideas and thinking are better suited to the result I am trying to force.  I am likely not seeing my path clearly or attempting to take the deep breath I need in order to bring me back to my center and pull God back in, taking me back off the detour I have been on.

I trust my path.  The greatest percentage of the time I am on it and very satisfied.  I find the changes it brings exciting, challenging and meaningful.  I learn lessons and accept outcomes because I know it is necessary to remember the choices the world offers are often clean slates and opportunities for my spiritual nature to continue to its outstanding growth process.  Unfortunately my best thinking (without being in line with my faith) is only going to stunt my progress and provide me one of a thousand (invariably necessary) lessons I have either previously experienced or simply needed to be in touch with.

My impatience is a default.  I cannot blame myself for being human.  I know that once the God awareness sets back in and I will aligned with my spiritual program once again.  I will jump back into the moment and allow for the path to take the direction (and time) required to move me to the next steps and adventures.  I accept that I am going to need to be reminded.  I accept that I am often going to fight the spiritual side because of old behavior.  I am grateful that I have learned to be patient with patience and I remember that the result is always, without fail, exactly what I need, even IF it may not “seem” to be something I would have wanted based on my own thinking.

If I am impatient it is OK as long as I am strong enough to grab on to the awareness and use the tools I have learned.

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

One Comment
  1. Kevin permalink

    You be one Aware Man!!! You should be a therapist, cuz-you have an understanding of the life process that ties in everything-love, faith, and being. Impatience is only your thought that you have not reached the spiritual point you think you should be at. You Are There. Love ya cuz.

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