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Being Spiritual while drawing lines

March 1, 2014

My life is an embarrassment of riches.

The only way to describe my experience is to compare it to a classroom.  Sometimes I am the teacher but in all cases I am open to being taught.  It is important to me that I remain open-minded because as soon as I have decided I know it all I will regress to places I have already been and know not to work.

Because I am in a classroom I am often available for allowing people to be whomever and whatever they need to be.  This, for the most part, allows me to see as much authenticity in others as can be revealed, although the level is completely up to them.  I know for myself, that my authenticity is imperative to achieve an honest result.  But with it I will be in constant self-evaluation to make sure my intentions are correct for the situation at hand.  Unfortunately this is not always understood, accepted or respected by those around me.  Because I am trying I have often found myself being taken for granted or even, at times, taken advantage of… whether that is the intention on the part of the others or not.  This is not the cry of a victim, however.  I have put myself out there and can only be responsible for myself, not any reaction I receive as a result.

As a result of growing and changing both personally and professionally I have found some matters a bit more difficult than others.  In this process I must continue to remain well-intentioned, patient and forgiving.  In the same situations, however, I have learned not to set myself up as a doormat,  and not to allow others to use an open nature as a means to establish their own power over me.  More important that that is to remember I am not afraid of power, either as displayed by others or in my own positions in life.  I honor and respect the power where it is established and because I have grown, respect it within myself as well.

Power does and should not have to hold a negative connotation.

This is also not to say that power should be an excuse for not continuing to be the most honorable that I can be.  It does not say I am better, more capable or in any way further privileged at the expense of another human being.  I would hate to become that person and my daily maintenance is built around reviewing my own behaviors and remembering that I am fallible and very, very human.  But because I am willing to look at myself and honestly amend behaviors with others I have often been open to my personality or characteristics being labeled as wrong, weak, or less than.

That could not be further from the truth.

Who I am and what I have become in this life is a miracle.  What I do with and for others is nothing less than astonishing in the grand scheme of the human playbook.  How I have turned the willingness to grow into a canvas of achievements and accomplishments through practice and honoring mistakes is something I would put on my headstone as the best part of the human and personality I have created.

With my growth, however, comes moments where I must stop and remind those around me that I am not any more or less human than they.  Each of us should look at our character and be proud of how we work with and for it.  Each should learn to draw their lines and not allow anyone else to define them however true or honorable the intention.  I am often not the person I will be defined as when someone does not like what I am doing.  I look at the situation and correct what I can, but I have stopped feeling the need to please each and every one because of a false need for approval.

My lines are drawn and that is NOT a negative.  It is, instead, a step in my path that takes me to higher places personally.  NOT higher in the sense of prestige, role or finance.. but more so in the sense that I am evolving in my quest to do and be the best that I can in the world around me.  I am, along with many others, accomplishing this goal.  I am looking forward in earnest to my continued role with others as a result.

Progress, not perfection.

Stop.  Smile.  Breathe.

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