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I can do anything

March 23, 2014

When a soul is fear based and filled with shame the world looks like a wall that cannot be climbed.

For most of my life I have lived within some form of wall, real or imagined.  Slowly, but very surely, over time, I have started to become aware, ask for (and seize) the willingness to try, take necessary actions, in order to begin to scale these walls, big and small, one-by-one.

What I have learned from these accomplishments is the point of this blog post and the most prominent focus in my experiencing of life.

I can do anything… if I want to.

What’s weird is how I have come to believe and practice in this hope driven theory.  For many of the places I have denied myself access, the success story could have been as simple as remembering that my happiness and any result I may desire begins, without fail, in a decision. How many times have I told myself I cannot do or be something only to never try?  How often was it fear that shrouded my intended legacy and stopped me dead in my tracks without even allowing myself the option to try?

It then becomes important to remember that decisions and choices are nothing without the actions that must follow.

Action does not always result in success, but there is no chance whatsoever without the attempt in the first place.  Today I know that the actions I take to learn and grow always, without any fail, result in some form of success whether immediate or through failure.  Each and every layer of the onion peeled is a chance to give myself experience and knowledge previously unlearned.  None of it is possible if I do not take the appropriate steps towards learning.

When I remove my ego and ask questions the self-created (or society branded) walls will crumble or provide windows of light.  When I don’t ask questions, possibly pretending that I am already in the know I am stunting my growth for the sake of my vanity (or fear of judgment.)   I know so much more today than I did yesterday.  Even more than that over the last year and year before that.  With each question, every bit of research, and by the simple act of listening I have become a better man and a more capable friend, sponsor, teacher, worker and human.

For those of us who would stop short before recognizing or believing in our own talents… or the potential for growth where passion exists I would ask you to climb any wall you see.  If the wall feels too tall ask God for the strength to change your thinking.  If the wall is too long as God to open your eyes for answers.  If the negative voices are too loud make sure you ask God for some quiet so you can hear your own better judgment speak to you.

Having learned that I can do anything it becomes easier for me to tell you that you can as well.  But it is not all there is to the personal battle’s we face in this life.  It is hard to know what you want to do or be in this world at times… but never possible if you or anyone else dares to tell you that you aren’t able to do it.

If you feel this struggle, arrest the behavior, stop the thought process and create the means to change the negative habits that cause it.  Each time you find yourself not believing…

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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