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For the love of balance

April 20, 2014

Stop.  Smile.  Breathe.

I usually end my blog with these three words but today I find it an appropriate way to begin.

Balance is not a new subject to this blog.  It is, however, a necessary reminder from time to time.  Especially when I approach and enter my busy season at my place of employment, a period that can very easily completely consume hours, brain cells and the fabric of life itself. During this period I become the bitch of the department (or perhaps I should say one of them,) but I do so willingly and often with a sense of challenge and a strange love (or addiction?) of its intensity.  The most important part of this yearly exercise is in remembering it will end along with the Memorial Day weekend.

Then we return to our regularly scheduled insanity and dysfunction.  Hey… it’s TV… that’s what we sign up for.

What’s important for me to remember on any given one-day-at-a-time is the balance that is required to remind myself that I am not my job.  I have a robust and beautiful home life, a magnificent husband and three examples of unconditional love in our animals.  These beings and the many, many extraordinary friends and partners that come with a fully robust fellowship of program have allowed me to build a level of gratitude and a complete picture of where it is I need to be physically and spiritually in order to maintain a level of sanity and enjoyment in this very short life span.

It is also important to remind oneself that the hours that may somehow feel too long or too many are, in fact, a choice I am making.  There really are no shackles that keep me tied to this or any job, this or any situation.  I need to always remember that the person in charge of the decisions made is me. If I am out of balance and feeling the strains or frustrations of within any area of my life I am able to look inward and take the appropriate actions or make the decisions that are necessary to put myself back into the proper frame of mind I require to remain happy.

We absolutely insist on being happy.

I have been blessed with the means, constant classroom (and teachers) to keep me sane and humble enough to remember that I must continually self-assess and review my character, my actions, my behavior and my environment.  I can push anything that I am as well as anything that I do into a new direction, often by considering actions before doing them (restraint of pen and tongue.)  It is also vital that I stop myself from the obsession of the mind as I live in a disease of perception.  If I am hungry, angry, lonely or tired (as the increased amount of hours could very well take me to) I am open to behavior that does not fit into the character I have learned I do not want to be.  In making the choices I do I accept the consequences (I cannot control the results) and remember that I am armed with tools that provide me the potential to allow me to be the best person I have ever been within them.

And again, balance is achieved, very simply if I continue to remember the mantra:

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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