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The mystery of time

July 20, 2014

Time is on my side, right?

I often think about time and numbers.  Both of these weigh in to my daily life heavily and I am forever asking myself why and just how much?  For instance:  today I am living in my 57th year on the planet in my 18th year at a job, my 21st year living in the same home, a 35th year in Los Angeles after 4 in Phoenix and 18 in New York, my 4th year in a committed (and beautiful) relationship….. and… and… well I could go on but the point has been illustrated.

What does this mystery of time mean?  What does it require of me?  Am I “on track” for the path I believe myself to be on?  I would suggest that if one were to trust or believe there is a path then the only answer to the last question would be “yes.” Logic would suggest that if I were to stray from a given path it actually IS part of that path.  I suppose it is a matter of suggesting who’s path we are setting ourselves out to “follow.”  If I were on my God’s path (fear not, I do not speak of a religious God, but the one of my understanding) I will continually wonder what that path is all about.  If I am on MY suggested path I am creating plans that will undoubtedly only be overridden by life and the very same God that I spoke to a moment ago.

John Lennon was quoted to say: “Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

So I move forward with action, faith, hope and creativity.  I want to participate on the path, to influence it as a co-author.  It does not make sense to sit and wait for life to happen to me.  I would imagine that the thoughts and activities I have and undertake are all a piece of what the plan is all about.  My time spent on this planet up until now has been filled with adventure, joy, sadness, mistakes and lessons.  I would have it no other way as each piece of these time-filled qualities and events has shaped me further into a person that is open-minded, loving and grateful for the chances, opportunities and all of the time and numbers that lie ahead of me.

Change is necessary.  When I live in the mindset that I need to change habits, situations, people, moods, beliefs or any aspect upon this path I am dealing with my own fears and inability to accept that with which I am in and around.  If I need to change something, this is not a bad thing, but if this need for change is effecting the moment negatively it stands to reason that I can embrace where I am at the same time as recognizing the positives about adjusting myself for the moments that are coming.

When I find myself in places where I don’t recognize gratitude over perceived negatives and I am holding on to elements that are regularly made far worse than need be because of the attitude I am projecting outwards (and often inwards as well,)  I am not using time effectively.  What I tend to forget or ignore when I am not in happiness is the choices I have made to get there and the choices that I have to remove myself.  Time offers all manner of chances to change our life and influence our path.  Some of the choices are fearful and it’s a shame if that is all I will recognize.  Living in “what if” isn’t solving any perceived problem.

What does all this have to do with the mystery of time?  Everything.  I change with each moment, I grow, I shift, I morph, I become better, worse and then better again.  I could evolve into the best that it is possible for me to be on this path with the passage of time, or time could present me with challenges and forks that instigate the choices that takes me back to the primal areas that I have inhabited in earlier parts of my life.

I have very little or no idea what time has done or will do.  They only thing I have the potential capability to be able to fully understand will be the mystery of this moment.  Once I start to make peace with it, I may find the easier softer way to continue down my path, accepting the natural and chosen changes with grace and the happiness that I deserve.  This is not always easy, but with the awareness it is possible.

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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  1. Monique permalink

    Nice read …but is change necessary? Really?

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