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It’s all about the perspective

September 14, 2014

What am I focusing on today?

How often do I find myself fighting fear or confronting demons disguising themselves as insurmountable problems and pessimistic scenarios.  My head can easily default to “why is this happening to me,” and “what’s wrong with me?”  It can be normal to feel that I deserve something and the world at large is somehow preventing me from attaining that goal or desire.  The best of us will likely always find ourselves feeling entitled to results forgetting all too quickly that life doesn’t always work in linear patterns to provide us with rewards for doing the right thing, working hard or being a nice person.  It most definitely won’t follow that pattern when we are only under the perception that these things are true.

With the right perspective, however, I am abel to see the world always provides me with wonderful things, even IF they don’t necessarily appear to be what I have asked for or what I believe I want.

Perspective, I am so often reminded, can be the difference between an enjoyable day or a case of victimization.  When I feel things are not as they should be I am really only fooling myself in that moment.  If things were not meant to be a certain way, they would not be the way they are.  Accepting and reacting differently to what you are working with can often be the difference in the way you feel.  The way you feel is likely going to result in a cyclical ‘pattern’ that comes out of your perception and creates and easier and possibly better environment moving forward. I want to believe that my world is as good as I choose it to be whether I am in situations that feel less desirable or whether they seem to be going exactly the way I would believe I want them to go.

Gratitude is perceptions best friend.  It is a key to the ability to recognize the positive in any situation.  Even if it feels there is nothing good in a moment, a day or a time period it is often vital to how I grow in the future.  It is a potential lesson in the making if I am willing to look at it as a soul who wants to learn and grow.  Things may not be what we feel we deserve but with a twist of perception we can understand that we are not only getting what we deserve but whatever is meant to be.  The positive thinker will realize even the toughest of lessons are going to pass (and often, if not always, with a chance to create better moments in our future.)

I had a sponsor who once taught me that God (or whatever you choose to call your higher power) has only three answers:  Yes, no or not now… but I have something better.  I am a firm believer that my gratitude for the world around me, what I have learned, been provided and experience on a daily basis, is the best possible focus for my perception.  When something happens that makes me uncomfortable, angry, upset or afraid it is in my best interest to shift my focus and look at the things that are working beautifully.  With the right perception I can not only remember what is good, but help myself to move out of what I have perceived to be bad.

And for those of us who come upon the day or time period where you don’t feel that gratitude is possible, I would suggest you stop and remember how much there is out there beyond the negatives in social media and the news that spell warmth, love, “success” and all manner of positive in your life.

It’s there.  The right focus and perception will make it more obvious.  To find it you only need to:

Stop. Smile. Breathe.


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