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Fear and the future

December 7, 2014

In the wake of a somewhat surreal turn of events in my sphere I thought it would be a good idea to examine how I react to sudden, and sometimes drastic changes introduced into or around my life and the world around me.

It is also an opportunity to remember the acronym I have come to hold dear for the word FEAR:  False Evidence Appearing Real.

While there is really no way we will ever live without change in this world, it has recently (once again) been suggested that everything happens for a reason.  Each piece of information, every pothole, all successes, failures and every one of the bits and pieces that might otherwise paint a picture of detrimental effect are all there by design.  From it all we are offered a host of opportunity for growth and lessons about ourselves, the people around us, the things we feel are important (or perhaps not important) and the way we live our life in part or as a whole.

What has occurred and continues to weave its result amongst those in an area of my life, is not going to end the world.  It is going to drive myself and anyone else who chooses, to reflect on how we re-think solutions and rebuild workflows that are broken or damaged.  It will allow some of us to consider the fork that has appeared in the road as a means for opportunity, whether to continue in newer and different ways within the parameters of what has been known OR to see this huge shift as the impetus (or final straw?) towards working out a new and different path altogether.

There have been moments during this event that have confused me and others that have stunned me in how personal this all feels.  What is it that has caused the need for the attack on so many who really do not deserve to have been violated as they were?  In some moments I am reminded that this is not about ME  but it may be necessary (if some matters persist) to weigh the importance of it vs. my own mental health or stability.  Do we want to wait for someone to get hurt before it becomes that sort of “real?”

But individuals who (as a result of what has occurred) are stressed out, emotionally challenged and not fully and effectively communicated with are likely going to perceive things in fearful and dramatic ways.  It is hard to honestly gauge what we are up against today, for the rest of this year and moving forward in a world rife with attacks such as what has been experienced here.

What alienates me the most is a lack of clear communication.  I am seeing a lot of a PR mode (although I do understand the need and cannot blame anyone for it.)  It is important that the massive nature of what has happened will not take us down.  But whether or not those in charge are able to fully understand or legally communicate the nature of what has happened to us, the press is filling in on that gap.  Information (real or otherwise) is being disseminated. People are making up their minds and decisions are being made based on what could be information intended to incite or sensationalize something that is not (necessarily) the fault of those attacked, people who will ultimately pay a hefty price for everything that has transpired.

Fear is debilitating.  Communication provides strength and camaraderie.  In my world I know that nothing is insurmountable and everything is a possibility for growth.  I offer my capability for service and solution towards the better end but remain completely open to the possibility that this could spell a shift for any one of us involved.  It is important to live in each moment and not become a part of the incitement of speculation or fear.  Each decision and destination should start with the mantra that I do my best to live by.

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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