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Resolution has my favorite word in it

December 31, 2014

What is a resolution but a RE-SOLUTION?

Granted this is not the best known form of the definition, but it does contain my favorite word within it.  That is good enough for me.

As we open up a new adventure and turn the page to a new chapter for us all in this onset of 2015, I thought I would look at the world I have created for myself through 2014 and see where a little inventory, and a bit of ACTION might be appropriate.  Truth be told, I do not want to hold the beginning of a new year as the only means for making a change or resolving to do or be something better than before (I’d like to think this is a daily process,) but I love the symbolism of a fresh start, so with it I rise to the occasion and determine where I might be able to add a little action through correction (or continuance) onto my path.

In no particular order:

I resolve to strive for comfort over being right.  This is a matter of ego, control and a false sense of pride in knowing or being something or someone that is not important to pursue.  True intention and as much of a lack of judgement over other people or situations is going to provide me with a peace I have experienced, but have been known to step away from as well.

I resolve to avoid button-pushers.  This can easily tie to the resolution above by allowing myself to be baited (completely my choice, and nobody else’s responsibility) into responses or reactions which will lead to my need to control a situation or be “right.”  There will be times when button pushers are there and I will work with my program to handle these situations, but there are times when I can very easily avoid being with or around them by removing myself from situations or places before the need to act or react is necessary.  Sometimes that sort of ignorance is bliss.

I resolve to avoid button pushing.  I am not a victim unless I choose to play the role.  What I put forth into this world is likely to be provided back to me.  I am conscious of my behavior more and more each year as an inhabitant of the planet Earth.  If I am going to nobly walk away from people or situations I know will push my buttons I must look in the mirror and make sure I am not that person (or situation) for others.  As much as I would like to believe my behavior is only a conscious decision or result based solely on the actions of something outside of myself, I know better.  I was born with and will take my ISM to the grave.  That ISM can just as easily spark the fire as stoke it.  What goes around comes around and I want to provide as much of the peace as I hope to be able to accept.

I resolve to continue my efforts to stop, smile and breathe.  The conscious awareness of my reactions to the world around me are helping me continue to enjoy my life as much as possible.  This has worked, I have proof.  There is no reason for me not to include this in higher forms and advanced stages to my path in 2015.  I cannot blame the world or anything within it for my lack of comfort, my reactions hold that key.

I resolve to trust God more.  Yes, God.  Call the spirit what you will, but my God has not let me down.  I have grown and learned countless things with the willingness and open mind I discovered as a result of expanding myself into this concept in the first place.  My need for control of situations is the problem.  Trusting God to help guide me to the better choices, actions and results has proven infinitely successful.  This may be the most difficult resolution of all (see my blog on “Thy will, not mine,) but it is undoubtedly the most fruitful when understood and adhered to the best of my ability.

I resolve to be more of service in all areas of my life.  The simple mindset of service will continue to free me from the shackles of self.  This is not to say that I do not require to take care of me (it is essential to keep my highest interests in check in order to be of maximum service to others.)  What it does mean is the more I have looked at the world I live in as an opportunity to be of service, the better I end up feeling about myself.  I have learned without fail about the levels of personal comfort and growth I can achieve when I am not looking to boost myself in controlled ways.  It is an honest truth to give it away in order to keep it.  I have more than my fair share and it has come easier to me in the years I have focused on service than the ones focused solely on my striving to gain.  There is nothing wrong with wanting.  There is nothing bad about having nice things.  My priority is will make the difference in the resulting ‘feelings’ about who you are and what you true worth is.

I resolve to continue writing.  Through the years I have committed to journals, blogs and some fiction.  In 2015 I will continue to maintain the journals and blogs, but will increase my creative flow with the fiction.  I have a talent and I am always very happy when practicing it.  There is no reason outside of fear or sloth for me not to write.  It is in my blood.  It is my passion.

I resolve to look at, dissect and stay aware of my fears.  Fear is my achilles heal.  If I fall into fear about any part of my life it is going to take me down.  I cannot stay in action or continue to grow if I allow fear to govern who I am and what I do.  Fear is false evidence appearing real.  I have been taught (and continue to learn) methods that will help me to combat what fear is as well as what it can do to me (and those around me as a result.)  In 2015 I will do my best to stay aware of motivations, truths and whatever else stops me from the recognition of the problem in order to arrive at the solution.

I resolve to accept success and failure.  I must remember to allow myself to be human, to let the mistakes or deviations get chalked up as a part of my path and a necessary lesson to have been learned.  It is important to remember I am not a bad person for having made the mistake and beating myself up for being human is nothing more than the fear I must recognize and overcome as best as possible.  I resolve to live in my intentions and do my best to keep them good.

I resolve to go through whatever the world is offering me.  I am a known escape artist.  My natural inclination is to hide, to run, to avoid.  I am here (as are we all) to live life on life’s terms.  Some days I do that better than others.  In 2015 it is important I work with whatever is in my realm through to its solution.  Getting to the other side is akin to completing the course.  I will learn from whatever is given me and I want to accomplish whatever goals life’s road represents.  I am growing and in that growth there will be success and failure.  Both are lessons and both will award me with unlimited results.

Lastly I will wipe my slate clean.  Resentment is a killer and I begin 2015 by forgiving those who I *believe* have done something to drive my resentment.  As is often the case, however, what I also need to do is take one last look at my part in the situation and LET. IT. GO.  There is nothing better than starting a new year by discarding whatever was toxic from the old one.

2015 has unlimited potential.  My resolution is to tap it to the best of my ability.  I can with the tools I have been taught and the people I surround myself with. Therefore I will.

Happy New Year.

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

  1. Funding Help permalink

    Have a great new year!

  2. Kevin permalink

    Re-solution!!!!! Loved this one cuz (commenting from my new computer)….

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