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Deciphering the Intention

January 4, 2015

Is an intention always clear?  Can it be something we just know like an intuitive thought?  Is an intention, intentional?  (“It wasn’t my intention to hurt anyone!”) Why does it not always feel obvious what our intentions might be when it can feel so straightforward when we assume what other’s intentions are towards us?

Intention is a foundation of my personality.  Whether I am conscious of what it is or not,  an intention is always there (whether related to the action or not) and a key to the thought or action being done.  It is interesting to note that although I have not always been honest with my intentions and, for a good part of my younger life, may have lived by a rule where intentions were not the most important factor, they may have suffered as a result.

Today my motives are almost always honorable (we are not saints.) The greatest percentage are good because the cosmic flow of cause and result has helped me to understand the very simple theories regarding what goes around coming around.  I can claim awareness of an intention before the action taken and arrest the behavior if it is resulting from anger, resentment, fear or retribution.  I can stop, breathe and make sure I am not about to manifest more of a problem in the action being considered with a misguided intention and recognize it does not have my (or others’) best interests at heart.

But my ISM is powerful and can lock in a justification for an intention when it is not where it ought to be.  I have to be extra vigilant against my disease allowing my better judgment to be manipulated into believing the process of thought or action I am about to take is warranted when the intuition telling me otherwise is being blatantly ignored or blindly missed.  The wrong intention is not going to create happiness and is likely going to send any hope for peace in a situation into a downhill spiral for some time to come.

It is not just my own intentions that come into play as a result of my ISM, either.  There are the intentions of the people around me that come into play.  The irony is in my belief that I know what those intentions are.  As if often the case, I am not always able to fully understand what MY intentions towards a thought or deed may be, how would I possibly know the true intentions of others?

How often have I decided I know what the intention of another person is for doing or saying something when I am simply creating it as a result of fear, resentment or anger.  You haven’t answered my text so your intentions MUST be to punish me for something that I have done.


Wrong.  Your intentions cannot be known to me without your telling me (somehow) what they are.  The irony with many of us is in believing that the intentions i’ve created for you are correct.  More than not, these intentions or the reasons we may be creating them are unknown to those who are the focus of our possibly misguided action.  Sure, it is possible to intuit or have a “feeling” about something someone is doing or saying… but, in the end, we really only know our own true intentions.

Intention can be powerful and possibly dangerous.  Considering it is a mainstay in our actions it becomes even more important to be aware of our motives at all times AND understand the capability this awareness can provide us and the results that can be obtained.

There is an old proverb that states “the road to hell is paved with good intentions…”  Perhaps there is irony in what could only be described as something very subjective.  Is it the intention that makes the difference, or is it the eventual action taken that will provide the best result (if you want to get real heady one could also argue: “best for whom?”  Perhaps the irony itself is the road to hell.  Perhaps the endless thinking about self and being ‘right or wrong’ is a bit of a hell.

Last but not least comes the very core of the idea of intention and life itself, I suppose.  Is the intention my will or is it God’s?  If I am going to live by the practice of surrender and faith then, by rule, it should be easy to know my intentions will be fair and good.  It is when my will comes into play that the intention runs the risk of being something that could potentially be less than the honorable motive I speak about.  Is my will so evil?  No, not at all… although at times it is very human.  I am working to make sure my will becomes that of something outside of myself that encompasses peace, happiness & awareness. This gives me the reason to stop and think about the actions I take and the world I effect with them.

To simplify.  My intentions are honest.  They are positive.  They are happy.  They are in line with a higher power.  Therefore, in conclusion I am going to say they are good.

As a result I can only hope the actions based on these intentions will prevail.

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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