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The cup is more than half full

April 19, 2015

I don’t think you can take too many stabs at optimism and gratitude.  Personally I believe the more I concentrate in these arenas, the more I am likely to experience what they provide.

Here is my bottom line:  I don’t like every day I am live.  I don’t enjoy every experience I am have.  I don’t enjoy or even like every person I encounter.  I am sometimes under false influences (such as lack of sleep, hunger, elements of emotion or fear and not at my best self.)  I am not a saint.  I am not everyone’s cup of tea.

I am human.

When I allow any of the above factors to steer me towards the potential negatives of anger, resentment, mistrust or selfishness, it is only I who (truly) suffers the moment.  I will lose no matter what or whomever else is involved. When the negatives have a stronghold I am subject to a waste of time, energy and spiritual progress.  If I am not experiencing my best day as a result of my own thinking it is tantamount to throwing away time and happiness in favor of opting for doubt, suspicion and sadness.

It is easy to create a problem that does not exist.

Sometimes I forget how short life really is.  Unfortunately I am reminded from time to time when I experience a loss both personally or simply by watching the news and seeing what is occurring in our world.  The thought of wasting precious time in negative places feels criminal.  I want to share the things I have learned, the talents I was born with or have honed through my life’s education.  I want to see the world, experience the people and enjoy the magnificence of art and science.  If I am in my head angry about a perceived slight, a potential loss or something not working either as it should or as I believe it should I am holding on to thoughts and patterns detrimental to the simple positives which are being pushed aside as a result.

There is always so much to be grateful for.  Sometimes it is forgotten and taken for granted.  Sometimes it is perceived not to be enough.  But if my gratitude is front and center the rest has a chance to be pushed out of mind.  Nothing I experience in a day, no matter how intense or overwhelming should have the power to negate the beauty of my life.  The gifts, the opportunities, the people, the places the experiences are ALL so much larger and more amazing than any negative I encounter.  It seems ironic to think this simple fact might be a struggle to maintain.

Anger can be comfortable.  Entitlement can be addictive.  Expectations can be killers.

For me the biggest truth is to remember life is not happening TO me, it is happening FOR me.  To not see it as the gift it truly is must only be my own responsibility.  It is up to me to see the glass as more than half full and know whatever tempts me to defend myself against or move towards victimization or martyrdom is my devil.  These thoughts are not real (at least enough to cause me the harm I may think they are going to cause.)

Each morning I look at my fear.  I write it down and I respond to it with my best solution.  More than often the fear is not real.  Likely addressing it as I do allows me to take away the power it can hold.  This does not stop it from coming, I understand, but as with most areas of my world in my cumulative life education, it is never about my fear in the first place…. it is about my reaction to it.  It is I who holds the power over the fear, not vice-versa.  This is a daily challenge and always an evolving lesson.  Although I will never conquer fear, I have learned how to temper the reaction:

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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  1. Kevin permalink

    You conquer fear daily cousin. You rise and walk through it. You’re aware of its fickle and impeding ways and you look at it and let it go. So in a way you’re choosing to come from the other way of being—-Love! There’s only two ways we can come from-love or fear-both options are there, available for our choice of cloak (British, nice huh?). And with your gratitude and awareness, even when tired, uncertain, or stuck in some negative thought, you doff the Fear cloak even before it fits into place, and the love cloak fits you like the perfect pea coat, and you give yourself a little hug and rock on with gratitude for this life in your day. You rock cuz! Good read. Helped me this morning.

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