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Focusing on my perception

August 30, 2015

My perception of the world (or my role in some parts within) could someday very well be my undoing.

Or, if handled with grace, spirituality and balance, perception can lead me towards the happy, joyous and free existence I am entitled to.

It wasn’t long ago I had a familiar conversation with someone in an elevator at work.  In this conversation were the common platitudes between casual work acquaintances doing the deed in a corporate environment in order to meet the standard requirements for making a living.

“How are things going?” I was asked.

“Everything is good,” I replied, “unless I choose to think otherwise.”

Deep, but true.

And here lies one of the easier examples of how perception can run or ruin a moment, a day, a week, a month or more. In my head it doesn’t have to take long to determine things are not what they should be, could be better, not going well, or are downright intolerable.  Is someone not giving me the proper attention I believe I deserve?  Is something I expect not happening as I expected it?  Am I not feeling or doing my best and assuming everyone can see or is talking about my being off my game?  Am I being misunderstood, maligned or mis-handled?

Then there is always the core foundation of all of my thinking: are any of the things my perception is pounding my brain about real?  In an overwhelming majority of the time the answer to that question is resounding “no.”

You would think if I understood just how powerful my perception can be I would learn to understand, master, or even control it to work in my favor, right?  If I know my perception has a habit to move towards fear and the creation of imbalance and untruths, why would I not arrest that line of thinking and shift it swiftly into a positive and meaningful direction?

I know I have written about habits, this would fit into that category.  Like drugs and alcohol I believe I can also become addicted and even comfortable with behavior.  Thought process can become “unconscious” at least initially.

Sometimes perception can go hand-in-hand with mild forms of martyrdom and the always addictive pessimism can be a vicious cycle leading to a colossal waste of precious time and eventual avenues traveled, which could very easily have been avoided (with the aforementioned awareness and arrest of the wrong path for thinking.)

Perception is always personal.  If you are living in a fearful place you are likely going to perceive things fearfully.  Since perception is governed by the senses it could be assumed when I am fearful my senses can see nothing but what the fear wants me to see.  It’s as if a dark blanket overrules the positive positions and accompanying trust in good outcomes becomes overwhelmed by suspicion or doubt under the guise of protection.  In my history if my perception is clouded or dark it is likely I have been bitten in one way or another by a similar situation or person and, in the end, the experience is recycled and layered with the fear of another failure or a negative expectation.

Expectations are often a bad omen for perception.  If I have an expectation, more than not it is dashed and I am either disappointed or surprised by an outcome.  Having expectations is like playing God.  I don’t know the future and it is wise when I remember that.  On the flip-side fear based perception is clearly based on the past.  Therefore my ISM is often placing me on either pre-conceived notions about the future fearfully wedged in past experience or blindly predicting the future with an eye on offense against any “perceived” or potential harms.

Neither is my best bet.

Learning to perceive my surroundings with trust and a positive bent towards happiness and the best possible eventual result without trying to control an outcome is my nirvana.  I get there.  I love being there.  But sometimes I must fight off the fear and perceptions based on past or future evils.  It is when I am in true alignment with awareness and can keep my best interests in focus that I am able to understand what MY perception truly has to offer me.  Understood and used to its best purpose my perception can offer me comfort, knowledge, growth, friendship, respect, friends, love, trust and a host of beneficial life qualities and gifts worthy of a soul trying to allow life to work as it is meant to work.

In order to recognize my best perceptions the best foot forward is always:

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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