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What inspires inspiration?

September 13, 2015

I have always been told to avoid expectations (but probably fail to do so on a daily basis.)

I have always known life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.  That never stops me.

I have also noticed I tend to achieve the goals and “get” the things I want out of my life, only never when I may have thought I wanted them.  The twist with this last realization has been in finding sometimes you get something you once wanted only to discover it may not be something you want by the time you get it. This, naturally, poses the question of whether you should have ever wanted it in the first place and proves an annoying and in-your-face point about my control and my thinking I actually know what is best for me at all times.

Obviously not true.

This would also indicate I should be careful what I “wish” for, right?  Well, yes, but if all my wishes were stellar successes I would be quite a catch, wouldn’t I?  Happiness would be my template. Fear might not play such a prominent role. Perhaps I am supposed to wish for certain things even if they DO provide a result I may not feel I asked for or want at the time of it’s arrival.  Maybe this is a part of a life lesson I always appreciate in it’s hindsight and wish to GOD I could avoid while I am experiencing it.

Life can be very educational.

What does all this have to do with inspiration or, as the blog post’s title would indicate, looking for something to inspire me to be inspired? Absolutely nothing and pretty much everything.

Let’s say there is currently something I want to do in my life.  It is something I believe to be a part of the path I am pre-destined to experience.  It will feed me, engross me, teach me, make me happy and take me to levels of my story I have not yet reached or enjoyed.  Sounds really good, doesn’t it?

But how do I know that?  Is that my plan?  Is it meant to be because I feel it is mine for the taking?  If so, why am I not doing it and making it so?  Why do I stall and procrastinate?  I believe it is because I have not yet found the inspiration I am looking for.  I am starting each day with a prayer to help me find, see, hear, notice or feel that inspiration.  Every so often I see a spark and wonder if it might be leading me down the path I am supposed to go to get in touch with it.  Are these glimmers inspiration or am I creating the answers I believe I want in an over-thinking mind?  When I think back to a different phase of my life I remember the endless search for a relationship.  Looking seemed to block my real ability to find.  It created a facade of desperation in the result without the open-mind and faith needed to actually see what could work.

Is inspiration coupled with surrender?  Perhaps this is my true answer.  To allow myself to let go of the result of what I believe I want to do or be.  Let the surrender allow me to experience the world around me naturally and, when the time is right, understand my inspiration and seize it for whatever uses it will have me do.  I am on the right path with or without the surrender.  Without it, however, I seem to encounter sideshows and become pre-occupied.

Today I am happy with what I am doing and fully aware I can and will grow within it.  I am also aware I will be afforded new adventure and growth from other things I have not yet had the opportunity to know.  This alone is inspiration.  It is a definition of faith in the future and the trust I will find the things I need, without having to seek the things I want.  If I forget this for any single moment I have my means to resolve and get back on track.  I can always:

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

  1. Kevin permalink

    I think your plan is Being You–right here now and Being accepting of All That Is. The change you desire will happen cause it’s all impermanent–even the good stuff that shows up—it all changes. I think they key is accepting that and treating each moment as just another opportunity to express the grandest part of who we are.—-and you live in that mode my man…..Rock on soul cousin! Love you.

  2. thank you, Kevin! 😉

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