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Faith when most necessary

October 4, 2015

It can be easy to say one has faith in any situation, place or person when there is trust and less “at stake.”

In other words, I find it easy to expound on the value of and ease by with I can muster up the essentials for faith when I am in a good place and things are going well.  There really is no arguing my life is a more constructive, positive and productive experience when I am living in faith.

For instance:  I have an amazing and unlimited amount of faith in my relationship because he has proven thousands of times over there is no reason for faith not to be there.  I trust him.  I trust the relationship.  I trust the faith and I have faith in the trust.  Faith is a given when there is a clear and obvious outcome.  Faith is an expectation when I don’t stand to become challenged in any way whatever the result of whatever the faith is all about.  That was not always the case in past relationships, but patience, faith and trust had to be learned as a result of and even during difficult periods in order for me to get where I got.

When faith is difficult I am with the unknown.  It is masked and being over-powered by fear.  When faith becomes challenging, it is likely because I am leaping or desirous of a change without fully understanding what anything in the future looks like.  If I don’t trust the future because fear is blocking my view I find it difficult to see the gentle and positive outcomes I have so often learned are the default if I allow them to be.

Faith is hard if I am in an obsessive place absent of a required trust.  Trust in myself, or a God of my understanding.  Faith is almost impossible if I am unable to let go of a desired result or expectation.  If I think I know what it is I want, I am not allowing the rest of the world to present other options.  If I am focusing too heavily on what I believe to be needed I am closing my senses and awareness to what is likely and probably a better outcome based on factors I am probably not even aware of.

Blind faith is about surrender.  Surrender is about letting go of my power or control over any said situation or thought.  Faith is all about my trust in God and remembering I don’t need that control. Since I don’t always include God into the equation there is a tendency to see a bit more of the Mark show, where I am the producer, director and star.  What often, if not always, will happen, when I am in charge, is the incessant repetitive behaviors and thoughts making my progress on my journey a bit more of a long, drawn-out lesson as opposed to a clear path to the success I am capable of and entitled to.

Not that I have any problem with lessons.  It’s just the tendency to need to learn many of them multiple times (often known as the definition of insanity.)

Happiness is not a result of success alone.  It isn’t always about getting what I think I want.  I don’t desire recognition or validation to be happy.  I have learned happiness is easier achieved with faith and trust in process and result.  I am happier when I let go of the result and keep my mind and eyes open to see what I might not have seen otherwise.  That is a spiritual process and and affords a spiritual outcome.

An inside job.

Faith is beautiful.  It absolves me of the need for the control I tend to find myself in so often.  It allows me to breathe in and out and relax, knowing what is best for me, what is meant for me and what is likely going to happen either way is going to happen.  Faith is a strength in my program that makes the process of living in the moment more accessible and possible.  With fear I am rarely where I really am.

The trick is being able to accept and embrace faith when it is most difficult.  Faith is absent when fear is in the picture.  Fear is strong and can wipe faith clean out of focus with it’s strength and power.  I have worked a faith mantra on so many of my days and situations.  It is not always going to be as easy as a reminder telling me the results of faith as an opposition to the cons provided by fear.  I am human, fear is part of the equation.  Fear is a manipulator, I am often weak to it’s many false charms.

What I have learned is there IS a pattern for making the transition in tougher situations.  Fear will appear and I will find myself absent of the faith required to be happy, to achieve goals, to experience love and progress.  It is uncanny at times how quickly my faith can be erased and my head completely turned to a place of fear.  So when it appears I do what I have brought into my life for so many positive purposes:

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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  1. Kevin permalink

    You said it cuz—-“…the default way of being” (just being)….faith is always there that life is evolving through you and you are life evolving–simply expressing the grandest version of whom younger, even more so in your times of uncertainty…that’s when being triggers awareness that “it’s all just so gooood.” Love ya cuz.

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