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An open mind is life’s feng shui

October 18, 2015

There are days when I discover I am living in the problem.  When this happens life will feel a bit like a vicious cycle going around and around, feeling very familiar to places and situations I have been before. This is also reminiscent to an often quoted definition of insanity, which has us doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. When I find myself in this place would it not be a good idea to seize the problem by the neck and wrestle a solution out of it?

Absolutely.  Awareness is most definitely my friend.

Sometimes, however, I am not living with the clarity I would prefer.  If fear is strong and anxieties are subconsciously blocking the pathways and light were my solutions can potentially be found I am likely going to fall into addictive (and sometimes oddly comfortable) bad habits.  Fear is debilitating. It is counter-productive to faith and gratitude.  It is a forceful enemy to happiness.  If it builds a foundation I can usually only see a nebulous and very unfocused need for change or escape as the solution to whatever it is I believe I am facing.

But am I really facing anything?  Or is this created out of a lack of clarity and  my possible general fatigue and oft-over-extended, over-compensating (bordering obsessive tendency driven) personality?

Granted, I am not as bad as the above description would make me out to be.  My awareness of certain personality and character defects (be they habit made or genetic offerings) are steps toward shiny freedoms from the very problems I might have, do have, or will have if I create them.

It takes work.

But my storied go-to “answer” of change and escape is almost never a good one.  To look for change or escape is always too non-specific.  They are descriptions pronounced without the details of actions needed to provide any sort of real result.  They signify the wearing of blinders and a general underscore of the dangerous world accompanied by a known masked enemy in hungry, angry, lonely and tired.  When I am only able to focus on wanting to somehow remove myself from the perception of problems, the fear of unknowns and anything “uncomfortable” or hazy on an end result, I am clearly unable to live in a moment (any moment as long as I am in it) and will never fully understand the true sense of happiness and gratitude which can only be felt in the right here and right now.

So beyond awareness, how does an intelligent mind honestly try to step on to a path of solution and discontinue the regurgitation in cycles of perceived issue?

An open mind.

When I take the gift of awareness and use it wisely, coupled with ideas I have learned about my own leanings towards control (protecting myself, defending the future and making sure I don’t lose something I don’t have or not get something I want) I am able to step outside of EGO.  When I remove myself from that sort of stagnation I remember to recognize the world around me as a gift filled with all manner of good fortune and the culmination of hard work and action from my past.  There would be no point in taking an action and asking for change if all I were to do is live in a constant state of seeking something “more.”

Since change is inevitable and happens moment by moment whether or not I accept it as the something I might think I am looking for (and remember, I never truly understand what it is I feel I “need” to escape from OR to in the first place) I want to concentrate on looking deeply into my individual moments to recognize the change I have experienced in the past to bring me where I am.  Right now.

By looking at each moment with an open mind I have a power tool helping me to fight fear and all it’s ramifications.  If I am able to recognize the fear, as a result of an open mind, I am going to see so much more in the world around me potentially helping point me in positive directions towards wherever my next moments are meant to be. This can only be for the good of my happiness and development.

Since feng shui is a symbol of inventory and deals with harmonious environments, I have equated it in my current world as a symbol not only for the recognition of my current moments, but as a spiritually potent positive step to avoid any negatives which could help me create the problems I perceive and run with in the first place.  If I am able to open my mind and see what is right I am more apt to not only find the changes I want, but learn to understand what I want those changes to be before they happen.  I can even have a hand in what they might actually turn out to be. They can benefit as an extension of a positive here and now without dragging me down as a means of escape without even knowing what I really want to escape to.  No regrets.  For this awareness to be possible I must always remember to…

Stop. Smile. Breathe.

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