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Every day is new

January 1, 2016

Welcome to 2016, the new year, the new chance and a new hope for the future.

Sometimes I ask myself why January 1st is THE day of focus for hope and change?  I get it, it’s symbolic, it’s tradition.  I love the clean slate it offers, however psychological (and sometimes short lived.)  It’s important to focus on the positive and New Years Day is an easy way to do this because we are already being told this is a core meaning or purpose behind the holiday.  I suppose it is easy to put an entire year into the past, tuck or file it away, because the number is brand new and shiny.

Then I ask myself why every day couldn’t be the same offer of hope, change, growth and potential?  Does the year literally need to change for me to feel this internal optimism?  Seems a bit limiting.  What if my husband and I counted down to midnight every night in representation of the hope of a new day?  Thank GOD that day is done, here’s a brand new shiny one filled with hope and potential.

This sounds like a very positive ritual were it not for the staying up until midnight part, right?

Truthfully I do go into each new year with the hope I can look at each day as the gift it is.  I do my best attempt as a human to avoid the negatives and associate myself with the positives, primarily through intention of thought and action.  We humans know this is not always easy and our programs for living are meant to be renewed and practiced as often as possible in order to find the peace and joy our goal in this daily reprieve can potentially offer.

It’s possible.  It’s also not horrible if every single day isn’t New Year’s light.  I know from my own experience my tougher days are lessons and progression towards creating my better self through life’s pain, confusion, frustration and fear.  All of the aforementioned can actually play into my grandiose plan to treat each day with the same respect I give to January 1.  All of these (and others) can actually be a part of the original January 1st without destroying all hope for the full year ahead.

I would certainly hope so.  There is always a tomorrow.

As this year proceeds, day by day, I would like to begin each morning with humility and hope in representation of the open heart and mind I know I am able to possess.  I can do this with a simple  utterance of “please.”  By the end of my day, hopefully with the same humility, I would hope to finish by saying “thank you.” as a recognition of the blessings  I have been given (whether they are visible to me that day or not.)

In between my life must be a commitment of willingness and awareness as to how I treat the world and how I react to how the world treats me.  Within my thoughts and actions will come the results of how I feel and how I am.  This I know to be true, whether it is in common practice for me or not.

And you know what what they say about practice, right?  Well… in this case let’s just say it will never be perfect.  I don’t strive for that as it is an unattainable and unnecessary expectation (and expectations are not my path to happy, joyous and free.)

To one and all (and in this I include myself,) I hope for you the best for 2016.

Happy New Day.

Stop. Smile. Breathe.


STOP:  During the course of every day I am confronted with the world (and it with me.)  In it I am always driven by circumstance (and my ISM) to react to situations as they occur.  I have learned to STOP as a first step in my awareness before the reaction has a chance to happen.

SMILE:  The second step is simple:  the act of smiling serves several purposes for me.  A moment more before a reaction, an exercise of the muscles tending to avoid ugly lines in the face over years, and the perception (and if one does it long enough it becomes real) to those I am with that I am friendly and approachable.

BREATHE:  The third step is God given.  Taking a deep breath (or two or three.)  It cleanses the body and provides a mini meditation along with the necessary filter by which a more appropriate and less potentially harmful reaction might occur.  Let’s face it, breathing is good.



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